Yoga for fertility new full length class

Yoga for fertility new full length class 2017-10-27T16:30:03+00:00

Video Description

The student I created this class for is now, happily, pregnant. She had been practising YogaYin fertility yoga for 8 weeks! 05/29/17

A full length YogaYin yoga sequence designed specifically as a fertility enhancer to improve your chances of conception with a certified Yoga Therapist. Allannah continues to have great success with fertility students. This fertility enhancer was created for women suffering from the trauma of miscarriage, to re-balance the endocrine system. Also to regulate progesterone and ground the body, bringing the energy down into the pelvis area. Created for an experienced yoga student, but suitable for beginners. Compatible with IVF, check with your Gynae as to when to practice (not during tww).

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