Yoga for fertility full length class conceive with confidence

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” I wanted to thank you for your extremely efficient and motivating videos! It’s been 4 months that my husband n I’ve been trying to have a baby! I found your channel on the second month of TTC n decided to do all your videos 6 days a week! I was really stressed and anxious, your videos helped me to overcome my anxiety n now I’m pregnant with my first baby!” Yassi 15/09/07

A full length fertility sequence with Yoga Therapist Allannah. Allannah continues to have great success with students trying to conceive. This sequence is specifically created to restore your confidence in your body. Often when experiencing difficulty falling pregnant & miscarriage we can feel like our body has betrayed us and experience stress, anxiety and depression. This sequence grounds the body, calms the nervous system & reignites your belief in yourself and your ability to conceive.

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