Yoga for burn out & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – part 1

Yoga for burn out & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – part 1 2017-11-03T18:23:55+00:00

Video Description

“I have been doing this (part 1 and 2) every weekday (body permitting) since last February. Then I was housebound. Now I am able to walk 30 mins and start work again in the New Year. This really is the most helpful thing I’ve done of all the suggestions and ideas I’ve come across. I cannot thank you enough Alanna and I have been promoting this video to all the NHS physiotherapists specialising in ME/CFS that I come across. There are so many charlatans promoting costly cures out there and here is one given freely that really works. Again a huge thank you”. Samantha Larner.

Yoga Therapist Allannah demonstrates a series of yoga techniques to help you combat fatigue. Especially useful for CFS sufferers, helping your hormonal and immune systems. Feel better, breathe deeper and regain your energy!

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