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“How YogaYin’s Pregnancy Yoga DVD Can Help You Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy”

The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD is the safe Yoga practice suitable for beginners and all trimesters, that Strengthens your body and the bond with your baby, Soothes stress and Empowers you toward a better pregnancy and labour.

  • The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD improves your mobility by strengthening the lower body through standing postures, balances and squats – to help with that little bit of extra weight you carry in your belly.
  • Boosts your energy levels to reduce tiredness by increasing the flow of blood to your muscles, tissues and organs.
  • Decreases the back pain you feel by training you to be aware of your posture while carrying baby in your belly.
  • The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD prepares you for a healthy childbirth by strengthening your pelvic floor, opening your hips and toning the tissues around the uterus.
  • Calms your mind and decreases stress levels by training you to focus on your breath and being present in the moment.
  • Creates and builds a bond between you and your precious new baby by concentrating your mind on the life growing within.

“Discover The Little-Known Yoga Secrets to a Natural Labour”

Get the ‘Yoga For Natural Labour eGuide’ valued at $19.95 for FREE with the purchase of The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD

This guide of color photographs and easy to follow instructions, along with the help of your supportive Midwife / Obstetrician / Doula, will help you prepare for the birth of your wonderful baby – naturally.

  • Postures to work with contractions; release tension in the body and minimize pain
  • Resting poses to increase strength and energy between contractions
  • Birth positions to optimize natural delivery
  • Four Yoga breath techniques to help during contractions, prevent straining, tearing and ease pain
  • Ways to include your partner/birth partner in the birth process.


YogaYin is a beautifully presented yoga DVD for the NORMAL pregnant woman (you don’t have to be thin or flexible, alternative or anything in particular, it’s for YOU)… This DVD combines what is necessary for your body to allow your pelvis to open to the delivery of your baby, as well as what is necessary for your soul and mind… I recommend it without reservation and believe that yoga is a key to optimising vaginal delivery rates.”
Dr Anna Rogers, MBBS, FRANZCOG, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Hi Allannah
Lulu Lemon on Chapel Street recommended I buy your DVD. I must say I was impressed with the speed in which I received it after I placed my order online, so thank you. I used your DVD for the first two trimesters of my first pregnancy. I had fallen pregnant through IVF and so was very nervous to engage in any strenuous exercise as I didn’t want to risk anything! I had only done yoga once in the past, so I was also feeling a little too shy to head out to a yoga class given I was such a beginner! I found your DVD easy to follow, relaxing and enjoyable to do in my lounge room, usually while my partner went for a run! The length of the DVD was perfect, and I felt as though I had done a satisfying work out each time I had finished! I will continue to use the DVD now that I have had my baby, and will definitely use it if I ever fall pregnant again.
Hello Allannah
I bought the DVD for my family. I am a mother, grandmother and an aunt and in my early career a midwife. I can honestly say that your DVD is perfectly attuned to help mothers to be to maximise quality rest and relaxation during pregnancy and for preparing the body for the birth process. Your DVD has been used by my daughter in law in Holland and now by my niece in Canberra. Both women have said they love it.
Hello, my name is Kathryn and when I purchased the DVD I was 20 weeks pregnant. I’ve now only got a few weeks to go and still love the DVD! It is so simple to follow and the fact it is only half an hour session means you actually do it unlike other workout DVDs. It genuinely makes you feel better and more comfortable once you’ve done it. I tend to do it once I’ve got my little girl to bed of an evening. I have already recommended it to my friends. Thanks for the DVD it really has made the world of difference to my pregnancy this time. I only wish I’d used it in my first.

“3 Ways YogaYin Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor and Tones Your Uterus”

Your pelvic floor supports the muscles in your lower back and abdominal area. By strengthening and toning your pelvic floor you will improve the health of your pregnancy, childbirth and post natal recovery. The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD provides instruction in the following areas:

  • Contracting and holding the pelvic floor during the YogaYin class increases the strength of your muscles, helping prevent the high incidence of bladder issues experienced by women during and after pregnancy.

  • Deeper breathing and poses during the class will encourage these muscles to prepare for labour by increasing their elasticity – which helps during childbirth.
  • Controlling the breath focuses your mind while improving uterine contractions during labour, allowing the rest of the body to relax.

“Do You Suffer From Pregnancy Related Back or Shoulder Pain?”

  • The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD trains you to be aware of your posture to counter the weight you carry in your belly.
  • The class tones your dorsal muscles which support the baby during pregnancy, taking the emphasis off the lower back.
  • You learn breathing from the pelvis and lower back to encourage physical and inner strength and spinal alignment.
  • The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD works on flexibility of the spine, neck and shoulders with kneeling poses.
  • You will tone and relax your waist, back and hips to correct stiffness and pain with standing open twists.
  • The class strengthens the muscles controlling the spine by practicing gentle back bends to help prevent back conditions.

“Is Yoga Safe During Pregnancy?”

Yes, in most cases and if taught in the right way. The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD is specifically designed for pregnant women and completely avoids poses that are not safe – particularly those that cut off blood flow to your baby. Poses such as close twists, advanced backbends, total inversions (where the body is upside down) can be risky.

The YogaYin Pregnancy DVD has been created using flowing gentle postures so it is safe for any stage of pregnancy – whether first, second or third trimester. However, if you are in your first trimester, or have experienced complications with this pregnancy or a previous one, it may be best to leave prenatal Yoga until your second trimester, just to be completely safe.

Of course you should always check with your health practitioner before commencing any new exercise program.

“The Secret Yoga Shares to Calm Your Mind and Soothe Pregnancy Related Stress”

Pregnancy can bring a lot of stress. We worry about the health of our baby. We worry about the financial pressures of pregnancy and parenting. We worry about the impact of our pregnancy and a new baby on our relationships. We worry about a wide range of external issues. Some of our concerns are legitimate. But when they consume us we cannot enjoy the rewards of pregnancy and motherhood.

  • This YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD will help reduce the stress hormones in your body and relax by teaching you how to slow down and deepen your breath.
  • By practicing The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD , you learn to peacefully turn your awareness inward and leave the cares of the outside world behind.
  • The breathing exercises and yoga postures taught in The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga DVD lead to improved sleep, an improved sense of wellbeing and an increased ability to deal with pregnancy related hormonal changes and stressful situations.

Yes, I want to order the YogaYin Pregnancy DVD for $29.95 and get the ‘Yoga For Labour’ eBook valued at $19.95 for FREE!

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