Ah… morning sickness. A term probably coined by a man who has never realised that morning sickness can very well be ALL DAY sickness. Here are some morning sickness remedies you can try including Yoga techniques.

Morning sickness is generally worse in the morning, due to an empty stomach, and is caused by an increased level of hormones in your bloodstream. These hormones allow your baby to develop and grow – which is a good thing. However this is little consolation for the misery you are put through. You will start to feel much better once the placenta is fully formed around your baby (second trimester). Unfortunately for some, they continue to experience morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy.

Common symptoms include nausea, light headed-ness, dizziness, dry retching and vomiting.  There is not a great deal you can do about it, but there are a few simple morning sickness remedies you can try.

Ginger Tea  

A nice cup of ginger tea can alleviate some of your nausea. You can make your own by peeling ginger and boiling it in a pot of water, or most supermarkets have ready packaged ginger tea. For some women, even the smell of ginger can make them feel better.


There is a point on the inside of your wrists, about a thumbs length from your wrist joint, in the center. Press this point, on either arm, with your thumb and make small clockwise circles for a few minutes. Acupressure bands, which can be found in most pharmacies, also stimulate this point.

Vitamin B6

Can be taken nutritionally through whole grains, nuts and seeds or supplemented. Look for a reputable vitamin brand.

Yoga For Morning Sickness

Yoga can help with nausea, particularly if you are suffering constipation (so your body is not eliminating the hormones fast enough). Try some very gentle back bending, but do not drop your head too far back. Standing poses like mountain and even a gentle balance such as tree can help. Avoid forward bends and twists. Alternate nostril breathing will also help re-balance your left and right brain, reducing dizziness and increasing your exhalation, reducing tension. Avoiding holding your breath.

I have included a demonstration video of alternate nostril breathing below. Warning: Please do not hold your breath if you are pregnant.