How I Created the Most Comprehensive Prenatal Yoga Course Available

My own baby was only a year old when I started teaching yoga for pregnancy in 2006. I had just completed a mini-thesis on prenatal yoga as part of my yoga teacher training and a fellow student, who was starting a yoga studio, asked me to come and teach a weekly class. How well I remember barely getting through the days, even with a one year old at that stage but it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Prenatal yoga was no-where near as popular then, so we were both surprised at how rapidly the class grew. What wasn’t surprising though, was how much I loved teaching it. To my mind a woman is at her most beautiful when she is pregnant and the postures and yoga skills come so naturally.

It was working so perfectly that my students started to ask for extra classes but I was limited time-wise – having a baby of my own at home. This troubled me, as many of the students then purchased Prenatal yoga DVDs, but routinely complained that they could not find anything taught in my “flowing” yoga style and that they missed my voice. So, now very pregnant with my second baby – 37 weeks! I filmed the YogaYin Pregnancy DVD. The idea was to sell it, at a nominal price, to my students, so that they could practice whenever they felt the need.

However, soon after my daughter was born disaster struck (or so we thought). My husband was retrenched. An IT specialist, he soon realized the untapped potential of the DVD and built a website. At first I was horrified at the idea of thousands of people I didn’t know viewing it! But he talked me to me about all the women who didn’t have a prenatal class in their area or couldn’t get to it and the YogaYin Pregnancy DVD was born. It sold like hotcakes. So then I went ahead and filmed a postnatal and baby DVD with one of my student’s baby and I wrote an ebook on yoga for labor. We packaged them as a bundle. We couldn’t print them fast enough. My husband, now retrenched for a second time (ah the IT industry) had the bright idea of starting a YogaYin Youtube channel. Once again I felt it was a step too far. But these five minute snippets of the DVD did so well, even I couldn’t refute it.

As more and more people took their businesses online I became more comfortable with the idea of teaching online yoga. But one thing still niggled at me. The DVD was short, deliberately only 30 minutes long, as I knew there are precious few times you can set aside a full 1.5 hours. But it frustrated me that my audience didn’t have access to the scope of yoga my students coming to class did. I had now been teaching for years, working with women from 18-46 with all kinds of pregnancy issues; including a history of miscarriage, IVF, twins, back problems, migraines, severe nausea, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, heartburn, the list went on. Given that I was now a qualified Yoga Therapist my knowledge was so much greater and I wanted to share that with you, the online student. And so the YogaYin Online Pregnancy Course was created. It encompasses five separate classes all 30-40 mins in length, with an additional meditation and relaxation that can be added if you choose. Each class has been honed through my 10 years of teaching to cover basic pregnancy postures; working with the pelvic floor, dynamic asana for experienced yogis, partner work and yoga for labor.

Every pregnancy is different, so I asked my student Evonne, who was then on her third series of prenatal classes with me (she has now has four babies!) to model the modifications for trimesters and complications during pregnancy. Thus we created the most comprehensive pregnancy yoga program on the market.

We are so proud of what we have created and I am only too happy to answer any of your questions and share my knowledge with you. This is a unique and incredible time in your life and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Allannah xxx

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About the Author:

Allannah has been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 2006, a Certified Yoga Therapist since 2015, and has been practicing Yoga since 1999. She specializes in yoga for women. Her greatest expertise is in Yoga for Fertility, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Endometriosis and Therapeutic Yoga. Allannah brings to her teaching over 15 years of personal study in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been proudly mentored by Yoga Australia Director and former Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy President, Leigh Blashki, since 2005. Allannah’s formal study as a Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist was at one of only two Australian Government accredited courses in Australia.