Postnatal Yoga DVD

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YogaYin Postnatal Yoga DVD

YogaYin Presents The Postnatal and Baby Yoga DVD

Designed specifically for mothers and babies from six weeks to one year, The YogaYin Postnatal & Baby Yoga DVD is a rejuvenating yoga class that will help give you much needed energy and vitality while strengthening and toning your body and pelvic floor. The DVD includes a session with your baby to aid with their digestion, and importantly, help baby and you get some restful, peaceful sleep.


“I firmly believe that mothers need a yoga practice to assist with the postnatal recovery process both for themselves and their babies. The YogaYin DVD provides the complete package, poses and relaxation techniques for body, mind and soul. Sectioned into chapters for mum and baby, easy to follow, down to earth and presented in a beautiful and nurturing style. I highly recommend this DVD and I believe that yoga is fundamental to peace of mind for mother and baby.”

Anne Digby, ND, RM, Midwife and Women's Health Naturopath

“I love Allannah’s Mums and Bubs DVD!

I hadn’t realised how tight and stiff my body had become, with all the lifting, carrying and breast feeding, exacerbating existing neck and shoulder issues. I always feel so much better, more relaxed and energised afterwards. Even 15 minutes makes a big difference.

I love the way Allannah’s DVD is divided into sections. If time is short or interrupted- as it often is with a young baby – I can simply choose to do, say, the closing whole body relaxation – wonderful- or the yoga for babies section, which is beautifully done and a lovely way to spend time with your baby. If my little girl is asleep, I can simply skip that section and continue with the practice.

As I said at the start, I love this DVD and cannot recommend it highly enough!”

Jennifer King.

“Dear Allannah,

Thankyou so much for your DVD. The thing I love the most about your DVD is that I feel that you are giving me permission to relax and spend some time on myself. As a mother of a 14 month old, that permission means the world! Your personal touches make this DVD a truly delightful part of my day.

Thankyou very, very much.”

Romney Taylor

Yes, I want to order the YogaYin Postnatal and Baby Yoga DVD for $29.95!

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