Postnatal Yoga

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Postnatal Yoga DVD

The very popular YogaYin Postnatal Yoga DVD to own.

“I firmly believe that mothers need a yoga practice to assist with the postnatal recovery process both for themselves and their babies. The YogaYin DVD provides the complete package, poses and relaxation techniques for body, mind and soul. Sectioned into chapters for mum and baby, easy to follow, down to earth and presented in a beautiful and nurturing style. I highly recommend this DVD and I believe that yoga is fundamental to peace of mind for mother and baby.”

Anne Digby, ND, RM, Midwife and Women's Health Naturopath

Your Own Personalized Yoga Video

Yoga is more powerful when tailored for your particular needs.

If you’d like your own personalized video to practice specifically for your needs, please contact me. Personal consultations involve a 1 hour Skype or Face Time session where we can assess where you are at holistically. Based on our session I will then create a personalized sequence and video to address your specific needs. The result will be posted on this web site and YouTube.

Book Now – $50 USD

Message me on Facebook or Email by clicking the icons below to book your session.

Payment is via PayPal invoice sent to your email after the video is posted.

Free Postnatal Yoga Videos

A selection of short free postnatal yoga videos for you to practice online.


Yoga to how to improve your sex life

Although no-one likes to admit it, sometimes sex can be a little under-par. Certified Yoga Therapist and Teacher Allannah shares a series of yoga techniques specifically for improving your sex life, by freeing up your hips and pelvis, tightening your pelvic floor and finding a happier, calmer you! I love your feedback, so feel free to ask a question or leave feedback. if you love this video, don't forget to share it! xxx