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Feel Great!

Strengthen, Empower and Support During Pregnancy & Labour

The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga Course is a 5 part programme, prepared by a qualified Yoga Therapist, which will prepare your body and mind for pregnancy and birth.

You’ll stretch and tone your pregnant body whilst learning how to overcome pregnancy aches and pains while reducing stress and worries. The course will help prepare your body for a positive birth experience and postnatal recovery.

Real women, real results…

“The yogic breaths and range of positions that we learnt during the classes helped me to achieve a drug-free labour and birth. My husband also benefited, enabling him to provide me with the support I needed during labour and help him to be fully involved in the birth process”

Lucy Salt

“I can’t tell you how much I got out of pre-natal yoga. It was my sanctuary every week to look forward to some relaxing time to bond with my baby and I think it has had an enormous impact on our ability to bond now. Thank you again for the invaluable contribution you made to my pregnancy”

Amber Harris

Follow a Proven Step by Step Program to Achieve Balance and Wellness in Your Pregnancy

Discovering you’re pregnant is a joyous but sometimes confusing event. So many questions. How do I choose a medical practitioner – Doctor, Midwife or Obstetrician? Boy or girl – what tests do I want to get? How do I improve my lifestyle now I’m going to have a child? When is it safe to tell people? There is a lot going on and it can lead to great deal of stress and worry. You may have to reassess your regular exercise program, for instance – bike riding and horse riding can in some cases, increase the risk of miscarriage during the first trimester.

The reason so many health practitioners recommend yoga to the newly pregnant women, is that prenatal yoga ticks a lot of boxes in regard to pregnancy exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga Course Will Walk You Through The Entire Program of How to Get Balance and Wellness, and Achieve a Positive Birth Experience, With Yoga.

New beginners will learn…

  • How to practice asana (yoga postures) properly

  • Basic alignment and the benefits of the asanas for you and your baby

  • Meditation and relaxation practices for your well-being and mental health

Experienced students will learn…

  • Yoga asana for pregnancy and all trimesters

  • Meditation and relaxation practices specifically for pregnancy

  • Yoga techniques for partners and birth

Women with complications will learn…

  • Yoga practices for relieving your condition

  • Modifications for your condition

  • Everything that beginners and experienced students learn

Why You Should Sign Up for the Course

When it comes to practicing yoga during pregnancy, you’re going to need professional guidance. The YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga Course will help you avoid mistakes and set you up for a positive labor. By the end of the course, you will…

Because the course is over 5 different classes, taught by the same teacher, it results in a better outcome than a single class repeated over and over again (DVD) or a series of randomly selected classes (online). Not to mention that the 5 classes provides more variety that will help keep your interest.

Here’s A Summary of What You’ll Get Access To Inside…

As soon as you sign up, you will automatically receive the first class. Each subsequent class will be sent to you within a few days to enable your progression through to the next. Each class details exactly what you should carry out to improve your wellness and preparation for labor. The course materials contains…

Receive Access to a Comprehensive Program of Step By Step HD Video Classes

A UNIQUE Pregnancy Yoga Online Course.  It has been developed over 10 years of teaching pregnancy yoga – grounded in my research and study of yoga and the pregnant physiology and combines the input of reputable pregnancy health professionals and the feedback of countless pregnant women.

This is the MOST ‘comprehensive’ 5-class course available you can practice. The course Strengthens your body – Empowering you and Supports your physical, mental and emotional health, throughout pregnancy and labor. Safely.

Shot in high quality HD Video, the classes are arranged in sequential order – from Basic Postures to Partner Work, exactly as I teach them in a real classroom. You get to experience these classes as taught in my studio, only with the advantage of working to your timetable, instead of mine.

Receive Access and Support From Me, Your Qualified and Experienced Pregnancy Yoga Therapist

I am a fully qualified Yoga Instructor and Therapist, having completed an Australian Government accredited 2 year Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching in 2006 and a Graduate Diploma In Yoga Therapy in 2014. I have been teaching prenatal yoga since 2006 and completed a mini-thesis on the subject in 2005. I lecture to other yoga teachers on prenatal yoga and am considered an expert in Yoga and Women’s Health.

What Topics Will be Covered in the Course?

The course is delivered over 5 classes to cover the essential pregnancy yoga areas. Each class stands on its own with clear instructions on how to practice. Below is an overview of what is covered in each class…

(1) Basics Class

For beginners and improvers, learn the correct poses, covering the foundations you will keep practicing throughout your pregnancy.

42 min

(2) Pelvic Floor Class

A class dedicated to pelvic floor strengthening and maintenance that will improve the health of your pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery.

47 min

(3) Dynamic Flow Class

A more challenging practice as your yoga fitness improves and for the more experienced yoga practitioner.

47 min

(4) Labour & Birth Class

Postures and breathe that will assist you through a Natural, Calm labor and birth. Techniques to work with contractions, optimal delivery postures and methods to minimize pain.

32 min

(5) Partner & Massage Class

A full class on partner work and massage– the ideal resource to help your partner or a friend work in harmony with you during pregnancy.

48 min

Plus Bonus Classes

Opening Meditation

Designed specifically to help you develop the connection with your growing baby, you can ideally practice at the beginning of each class (optional).

13 min

Closing Relaxation

A scientifically proven progressive muscle relaxation technique, which improves your quality of sleep, reduces anxiety and depression, improves immunity and quality of life overall. You can ideally practice this at the end of each class or just on its own, when you feel the need!

14 min

Rave reviews and testimonials

I’ve had an overwhelming response from people ALL over the world who’ve had only good things to say about the course. Here are just a few comments from real people who have gone through the course.

Yoga can be daunting when you first fall pregnant – you don’t know which poses are safe and you can be unsure about how hard to push yourself. The YogaYin Pregnancy Online Course is such a handy resource because it’s specifically designed for pregnancy so you know that it’s safe and effectively targeting the parts of the body important in pregnancy. Each class is strengthening and relaxing so that you emerge feeling strong, calm and balanced – plus the meditations help you connect with your baby, which is incredibly powerful. I like the way the opening and closing meditations are in separate videos so sometimes I just do one of those on days when I’m time poor or feeling exhausted. But perhaps the biggest highlight is Allannah’s soothing voice – you feel all your worries wash away as soon as class begins. I would recommend all pregnant women buy this class collection!

Kim Gillan

I’ve loved having the YogaYin Pregnancy Online Course videos available to me on-call during my pregnancy. Even though I was a pretty rusty yogini at the start, Allannah is a wonderful guide and her explanations and demonstrations made me feel safe and comfortable practicing at home. The classes range from breath-focussed to quite dynamic, so there is always one to suit how I feel on any given day.  Allannah chooses postures which really work into areas that need extra attention in pregnancy, and the variations offered mean that I have been able to continue my practice through my second trimester and now well into my third. Plus when the pregnancy hormones start swelling, the Closing Meditation video always does the trick of getting me back to center. It is definitely going on my labor playlist!

Jordana Cohen

What Would You Pay To Gain Access To This Step-by-Step Course On Yoga For Pregnancy and Labor?

You’re probably wondering how much it will cost to have access to a step-by-step course, hours of detailed videos and access to a specialist in pregnancy yoga.

Because if you were to attend my 5 class course back to back from your second trimester to 38 weeks, as most women do, it would cost you close to $1000.

But the reason I have filmed this series is so that it is accessible to everyone, not just students in my vicinity (who often purchase it as well so they can practice at home during the week…).  I want to make this course available to as many people as possible, as I truly do believe it’s the best available.

So here’s the deal…

For the most committed students who want access to support as well as comprehensive course materials, I’m offering the full course deluxe package for only $97.

At only $97, you’ll save the money you might have spent on group yoga classes – assuming a good one is available in your area. And the beauty is that you can access the course over and over again on all devices and review the material as much as you would like at your own pace.

The Full Course Package

Most Importantly – Does The Course Really Work?

Here’s a very small sampling of the success stories in my course. Today there are over 1000 students that have bought the course or my DVD and the number of women achieving a better pregnancy and labor continues to grow!

Allannah has some great advice and insight into the birthing process which gave me a lot of confidence leading up to the birth and the postures were really helpful on the day. Her voice is so soothing it makes Savasana all the more sweeter both pre and post baby.”

Kait Hal

Choose the Right Plan for You

2 Payments

  • Instant usage of the course
  • Access to support
  • Bonus Videos
  • 30 day money back guarantee

1 Payment

$9700(save $13)
  • Instant usage of the course
  • Access to support
  • Bonus Videos
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Buy With Confidence Guarantee

No-Questions-Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

There’s no need to say “yes” right now. Just say “maybe” and give the course a try.

Receive the entire Online YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga Course and try it out for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. (see refund policy) Personally, I doubt you’ll ever want to get a refund. Because once you start, you’ll realize how good it makes you feel.

I’m so confident that the “Online YogaYin Pregnancy Yoga Course” will be everything that you wished for and more and you can have all of the amazing benefits right now.