Is yoga safe for me and my baby? When can I start?

This is an absolutely essential question and the answer is yes – yoga is safe as long as it’s taught and practiced correctly.

The reason why your health practitioner will recommend prenatal yoga rather than just sending a pregnant woman along to a yoga class is that there are yoga postures and techniques which are contraindicated (unsafe) in pregnancy. These poses include most inversions (turning the body upside down); twists – when practiced in a ‘closed’ fashion and all prone (lying on belly) poses. There are some yogic techniques such as breathing techniques which are highly unsuitable for pregnancy as well.

Unless your regular yoga teacher has studied prenatal yoga it is highly unlikely that he or she will;

  1. Know these contraindications
  2. Know about the issues and complications that can come with pregnancy
  3. Know what Yoga techniques best support and nurture your growing baby.

Pregnancy yoga is generally recommended in the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy. This is mainly because of the potential for miscarriage in the first trimester. So, although prenatal yoga is generally safe for all trimesters, a lot of women – unless they’re experience yoga practitioners – prefer to wait until the 13/14th week mark to begin. This period can also be when first trimester issues, such as nausea, have started to subside. You will generally find you have more energy, less fatigue and a clearer head in your second trimester making it an excellent time to begin any exercise regime.

Always ask your health practitioner before commencing yoga. And avoid classes that are not taught by qualified and experienced pregnancy yoga teachers.

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