Will yoga help with labor and birth?

Yoga postures and skills lend themselves perfectly during labor. There are poses to help open the body, poses to work through contractions for all three stages stage of birth, poses to help you work with breach. You may have a hard and fast delivery or a longer and slower one. There are advantages to both. Either way, there are labor poses to suit. You may fall in love with one or you may want to change it up. The poses are deliberately simple and easy to remember.

In childbirth, your breath is your best friend, particularly your exhalation or out- breath. Simple breathing and sound techniques routinely practiced before and during labor can mean the difference between tearing whilst giving birth or not. Sound and breath have been medically proven to assist your body in childbirth.

The more you practice these poses and breathing techniques prior to birth, the more like second nature they will be in the moment. And having this yogic bag of tools offers you the one thing birth doesn’t – a measure of control. That doesn’t mean you can absolutely control your labor or birth outcome. It means you can enter labor with confidence knowing you have the skills to get through the difficult moments.

My course includes a dedicated class to teach these valuable yoga techniques. You will also receive a Yoga for Labor book in PDF format you can print and refer to when practicing.

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