Pelvic Floor Kegel Exercise

How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor – and Why?

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Whoops! Incontinence. How to avoid it. A handy little cross-section. Why Yoga is a Godsend for your pelvis. In my many years of teaching pre and post-natal yoga, I have come across many and varied issues related to pre and post birth. Unfortunately, a very common issue relates to our pelvic floor. In this lesson I will guide you through why the pelvic floor is so important and how to avoid the incontinence aisle of your local supermarket. Your pelvic floor consists of interwoven muscles that link the base of your spine and the front of your pelvis – like a supportive hammock. If these muscles are weakened you can find yourself leaking wee when you cough, sneeze [...]

Kegel Exercise For Pregnancy

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You strengthen your pelvic floor muscles using kegel exercise for pregnancy. Your pelvic floor muscles are a band of interwoven muscles that run from the front of your pelvis to the base of your spine. Often referred to as a hammock, this layer of muscle is very important for urinary and bowel control - it supports your vagina, bladder, bowel and uterus. Its strength and elasticity contribute to the healthy functioning of these organs and good posture. If you're not sure how these muscles work, try stopping the flow of urine when you go to the bathroom (please don't practice this as a rule as it can lead to urinary tract infections in pregnancy). Why is Kegel Exercise for Pregnancy [...]