What are the benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

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If you're pregnant and looking for ways to keep yourself fit and healthy, you might be considering prenatal yoga. If you’ve never practiced yoga before or you’re used to a hot or fairly dynamic yoga you might be wondering what the benefits of yoga for pregnancy are. The truth the benefits of prenatal yoga are multiple. Yoga for pregnancy has been shown to improve your quality of sleep, increase your strength and flexibility in a way that is safe for your baby, reduce your stress and anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing, making your pregnancy more enjoyable. But were you aware that prenatal yoga can also decrease back pain and headaches, reduce sciatica and nausea, improve your pelvic floor [...]

How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor – and Why?

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Whoops! Incontinence. How to avoid it. A handy little cross-section. Why Yoga is a Godsend for your pelvis. In my many years of teaching pre and post-natal yoga, I have come across many and varied issues related to pre and post birth. Unfortunately, a very common issue relates to our pelvic floor. In this lesson I will guide you through why the pelvic floor is so important and how to avoid the incontinence aisle of your local supermarket. Your pelvic floor consists of interwoven muscles that link the base of your spine and the front of your pelvis – like a supportive hammock. If these muscles are weakened you can find yourself leaking wee when you cough, sneeze [...]

How To Practice Yoga Safely While Pregnant

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All yoga’s are not equal when it comes to pregnancy. What to look out for. The essential prenatal yoga checklist. Having taught prenatal yoga since 2006 I am no stranger to the myriad and varied questions pregnant women need answered. But over the years I have realized that some questions crop up again and again. So I’ve prepared this instructional email for you, in case these are queries that you might want answered too. One of the key questions I am asked is “Is yoga safe for pregnancy?” This is an absolutely essential enquiry and the answer is yes – as long as it’s taught and practiced correctly. The reason why your health practitioner will recommend prenatal yoga rather [...]

How to Prepare for Birth with Yoga

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How Yoga can help your labor and Birth. Andrea’s story. A taste of a Yoga for Labor class. In my classes over the years I have watched the reaction on my student’s faces when I mention the fourth class of our prenatal yoga course will be about birth. Most shudder. Some call or text on the evening of the class with an excuse about having to work late and skip it altogether! I share with them the best advice I was given when I was pregnant with my first child and what I tell all of my prenatal students; Birth? 36 hours maximum. What comes after? 20 years. Given that millions of women, including myself, routinely repeat the [...]

How I Created the Most Comprehensive Prenatal Yoga Course Available

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My own baby was only a year old when I started teaching yoga for pregnancy in 2006. I had just completed a mini-thesis on prenatal yoga as part of my yoga teacher training and a fellow student, who was starting a yoga studio, asked me to come and teach a weekly class. How well I remember barely getting through the days, even with a one year old at that stage but it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Prenatal yoga was no-where near as popular then, so we were both surprised at how rapidly the class grew. What wasn't surprising though, was how much I loved teaching it. To my mind a woman is at her most beautiful [...]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Symptoms and Prevention

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Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms can be very uncomfortable and humiliating. I invited Elizabeth Carrollton from to share information about prolapse of the uterus and pelvic organs, symptoms and prevention. Elizabeth has also provided information about repair surgery problems. Can you tell us about prolapse of the pelvic organs? Elizabeth: Pelvic Organ Prolapse will affect about half of all childbearing women to some degree. Most of those women will have mild or moderate cases that can be managed with non-invasive treatments, avoiding the need for surgery. However, no matter how mild the treatment, prevention is always better. Many natural solutions are available to help you steer clear of Pelvic Organ Prolapse problems.  What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse? Elizabeth:  Pelvic [...]

Kegel Exercise For Pregnancy

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You strengthen your pelvic floor muscles using kegel exercise for pregnancy. Your pelvic floor muscles are a band of interwoven muscles that run from the front of your pelvis to the base of your spine. Often referred to as a hammock, this layer of muscle is very important for urinary and bowel control - it supports your vagina, bladder, bowel and uterus. Its strength and elasticity contribute to the healthy functioning of these organs and good posture. If you're not sure how these muscles work, try stopping the flow of urine when you go to the bathroom (please don't practice this as a rule as it can lead to urinary tract infections in pregnancy). Why is Kegel Exercise for Pregnancy [...]

Morning Sickness Remedies

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Ah... morning sickness. A term probably coined by a man who has never realised that morning sickness can very well be ALL DAY sickness. Here are some morning sickness remedies you can try including Yoga techniques. Morning sickness is generally worse in the morning, due to an empty stomach, and is caused by an increased level of hormones in your bloodstream. These hormones allow your baby to develop and grow - which is a good thing. However this is little consolation for the misery you are put through. You will start to feel much better once the placenta is fully formed around your baby (second trimester). Unfortunately for some, they continue to experience morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy. Common [...]