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“The benefits of practicing yoga with Allannah are countless: my immune system is stronger & the quality of my sleep has improved. I have quit smoking-thanks to breathing exercises, my posture is straighter. I now know techniques to fight stress and remain peaceful in challenging situations. Most importantly it enabled me to conceive and give birth to my two beautiful children”

Melanie Absous

“Thank you YogaYin. My husband and I are expecting out first child 🙂 I followed your class every other day and it worked!”


“This is the only relief of endo pain I’ve had in ten years so thank you so much for posting these videos!”

Emma C

“Hello Allannah, Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos on yoga for fibromyalgia, anxiety and insomnia. Truly a Goddess-send. Thank you!”

Phila Hoopes

“Thank you so much for this (pregnancy) series! I’ve been looking for something like this”


Fertility Yoga

Yoga to Conceive. Life BEGINS Here

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for your BEST Pregnancy & Birth

Postnatal Yoga

For you & your BABY. Yoga Together

Endometriosis Yoga

Yoga to REDUCE your Pain & Symptoms

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga for BEST Mental & Physical Health

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